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Hyperic HQ Open Source Edition: Open Source Monitoring and Management

Great Software Backed Up by an Active Community

Hyperic HQ is an open source monitoring software designed to manage web applications and infrastructure. Hyperic HQ's unique ability to automatically discover and monitor software and network resources, regardless of type or location, gives you a unified view of the performance and health of your applications. Use HQ's comprehensive suite of tools to track performance and event data, create complex alerts, run diagnostics, and issue control actions from a single remote console.

With built-in support for more than 75 technologies, an extensible framework and user interface, and support for both virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructures, Hyperic is the standard for web and IT operations teams of all sizes.

There are two editions of Hyperic HQ. The open source edition, licensed under GNU GPL v2, provides all fundamental capabilities for managing web applications. Powerful, reliable, and free, open source HQ is supported by a vibrant community of web operations professionals.
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