Desarrollador JAVA/API Bilingüe Remoto, cualquier parte de la República Méxicana

Global Company leader in providing software Wildcard Payments, is looking for Mexican people to work via remote and travel to Miami frequently.


· Bilingual (english-spanish)
· have visa and passport

Resources will be performing:
• Creating dev-test data coverage
• Error code mapping and testing
• DB store proc debugging
• Vendor services interface integrations, debugging
• API refactor implementation, code reviews
• Non-functional implementation(caching, transactions, exceptions, etc)
• AWS Sandbox env customization
• API Gateway versions, RAML, portal updates
• UAA policy configurations/implementation with api layers reuse,
• DataWeave mapping
• JSON payload cleanup, schema enforcement and validation
• CI/CD implementation

Must have:
• Design Patterns development
• General Web application development background. Java 7/8 platform ideally, JSP/Servlets/JSF, Spring framework, Hibernate, MVC, core JSR standards
• SOA or EIA, Web service development or enterprise systems integration background.
• Messaging systems functionality and use, JMS, ActiveMQ, etc

Need to have, continue improve:
• API design and use practice: RESTfull, HTTP standards, SSL, Sync/Async communications, Caching
• SDLC: CI/CD practice, TDD, Maven, Git/SVN/TSF
• Database:DB, SQL skills to parse and design queries; Schema design and normalization.
• Data formats: XML, JSON, CSV
• Good Linux command shell skills.
• App deployment to web server: Tomcat, JBOSS, GlassFish or similar

Nice to have:
• Practice with modern languages Groovy, Ruby, Python
• Understanding of VM cloud deployment, image building, multi-tenant apps; 3-tier deployment architecture.
• Query languages: XPATH, RegEx
• Web Security: oAuth, openAM, LDAP, HTTPS, SSL

We Offer:
• Highly competitive salary
• Mexican payroll (mixed scheme)
• law benefits
• Major medical expenses insurance
• carrer plan
Contact Information: